Western India Regional Council of
The Institute of Chartered Accountants Of India


Select Year :
13-May-2017 Seminar on ICDS
13-May-2017 Seminar on Insolvency Professionals
12-May-2017 Lecture Meeting on Filing of the Statement of Financial Transactions u/s 285 BA
07-May-2017 Seminar on GST
06-May-2017 Seminar on GST For Women Members
22-Apr-2017 Seminar on Real Estate
18-Apr-2017 Gyan Satra -GST
15-Apr-2017 Seminar on Audit of Co-operatives Societies
08-Apr-2017 Refresher Course on International Taxation held on 8th April to 6th May 2017
07-Apr-2017 Refresher Course on GST held on 7th, 8th, 14th, 15th 20th, 22nd April, 2017
07-Apr-2017 Refresher Course on GST
01-Apr-2017 "Refresher Course on GST" held on 1st April to 29th April, 2017
01-Apr-2017 Seminar on Mergers & Acquisitions
01-Apr-2017 Seminar on Private Equity
26-Mar-2017 Seminar on Bank Branch Audit (Borivali)

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