Western India Regional Council of
The Institute of Chartered Accountants Of India

WICASA Community

List of Students Representative of the Managing Committee of Western India Chartered Accountants Students Association for the year 2015-16

Name Contact Email ID Designation
MR.SHUBHAM BUMB 9833156750 shubhambumb6767@gmail.com Vice Chairman
MR.VAIBHAV TAILOR 8233771113 vaibhavtailor6@gmail.com Secretary
MR.PULKIT KEDIA 8080756565 pulkitkedia001@gmail.com Treasurer
MS.SUPRIYA SUBHASH CHAVAN 9870253956 supriya.chavans40@yahoo.in Member
MR.BANTI AGARWAL 8769033044 buntyagarwal.ba@gmail.com Member
MS.POOJA DEEPAK MOHINANI 9029247647 poojamohinani2@gmail.com Member
MR.YASH VIJAY PUNWANI 9223439625 y_punwani@yahoo.com Member
MR.YASH MEHTA 9987487877 mehtayash04@gmail.com Member
MR.SHUBHAM PUNGLIA 9819537855 shubhampunglia1994@gmail.com Member
MR.BALVEER JAKHAR 9022463203 balveer2012jakhar@gmail.com Member
MR.HARSHIT JAIN 9867949593 magnanimous.harshit@yahoo.com Member

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