Western India Regional Council of
The Institute of Chartered Accountants Of India


Select Year :
26-Jun-2015 Two Day Seminar on VAT & CST
13-Jun-2015 Seminar on Accounts & Audit Provision under Companies Act 2013
13-Jun-2015 Workshop on Project Finance
07-Jun-2015 Direct Tax Refresher Course (Part- II)
06-Jun-2015 Direct Tax Refresher Course (Part I)
06-Jun-2015 Intensive Study Course on Companies Act
30-May-2015 Seminar on Investment Banking
30-May-2015 Seminar on Auditing Standards
29-May-2015 Seminar on Service Tax
23-May-2015 Seminar on Income Computation & Disclosure Standards (ICDS)
23-May-2015 Seminar on Changing Role of IA - An Industry Prespective
16-May-2015 Workshop on Practice Skills
09-May-2015 Seminar on Audit & Taxation of Charitable Organisation
09-May-2015 Seminar on Important Provisions of Companies Act 2013
02-May-2015 Seminar on TDS -Law & Practice

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