Western India Regional Council of
The Institute of Chartered Accountants Of India


Select Year :
26-Nov-2016 Seminar on HUF & Family Arrangements
26-Nov-2016 Workshop on Media & Entertainment Industry
19-Nov-2016 Seminar on Co-operative Business Enterprise -A new dimension to co-op practice
18-Nov-2016 Seminar on Infrastructure Industry
12-Nov-2016 Seminar on VAT Audit
11-Nov-2016 Conference on GST
05-Nov-2016 Workshop on Company Law / ROC
05-Nov-2016 Seminar on Real Estate (Regulation & Development ) Act
22-Oct-2016 Seminar on Assessment under IT
08-Oct-2016 Seminar on IFC
06-Oct-2016 Seminar on Opportunities for Non-Traditional Practice Areas for CAs
01-Oct-2016 Seminar on GST
27-Sep-2016 2nd Course on GST
26-Sep-2016 All Students Programs 2016
21-Sep-2016 Beginners Course on GST

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