Western India Regional Council of
The Institute of Chartered Accountants Of India


Select Year :
16-Jul-2016 Seminar on ICDS
16-Jul-2016 Seminar on Indirect Tax in Real Estate & Construction
16-Jul-2016 Seminar on Service Tax in Construction Industry
09-Jul-2016 Seminar on Service Tax in Logistics Industry
09-Jul-2016 Seminar on Tax planning for NRIs
02-Jul-2016 Seminar on LLP
02-Jul-2016 Seminar on MVAT updates & Amnesty Scheme
25-Jun-2016 Seminar on Fraud & Forensic Accounting
25-Jun-2016 Seminar on Merger & Acquisitions
18-Jun-2016 Direct Tax Refresher Course
18-Jun-2016 Seminar on NBFC
18-Jun-2016 Intensive Study Course on Companies Act
13-Jun-2016 Lecture Meeting on Practical tips on how to use RTI, 2005
11-Jun-2016 Seminar on Audit of Co-operative Housing Societies–A Practical Approach
11-Jun-2016 Intensive Study Course on Companies Act 2013

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